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Ten17 Marketing Solutions is a full service boutique digital marketing agency. We pride ourselves on wanting to see our clients succeed and we pour our heart and soul into every piece of work we create.  Our job is to dig down and get to the core of what you — or your business — are all about, then find the best way possible to present it to your customer base. We believe marketing is all about creating a positive experience for your client and convincing them that there is no other option than to buy your product or use your service.

We like to use Apple as a great example of a company that has created a very specific “experience” for their customers. When someone purchases a MAC computer they usually get a feeling that they are part of the “cool kids club” and that they have just become more creative just by simply owning a MAC.  Apple has done this by presenting its unique products to customers through targeted, highly creative, and thought provoking advertising. Ten17 can help create this type of experience for you and your business that is guaranteed to lead to more sales and lifelong customers.

Services range from social media strategy, digital design, influencer campaigns and more.  Let us help you take your business to the next level.

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